How To Fix RCA Tablet Keyboard Not Working Issue?

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When you aren’t able to type using the USB keyboard of the RCA tablet, a connection error or software issue can be the reason. To fix minor issues and glitches, you can apply some easy solutions at your home.

RCA tablets are nowadays trendy for daily use. They are affordable with convenient services. Like other electronic devices, they also have some issues.

RCA tablet keyboard problem is very common and people used to search the solutions for this. What should you do when the RCA tablet keyboard is not working? Should you change the keyboard?

After going through this post, hopefully, you will know what to do.

Why is my RCA Tablet Keyboard not working?

my RCA Tablet Keyboard not working

The malfunction of the RCA tablet keyboard may be caused by multiple factors. Your keyboard’s malfunction could be caused by:

  • Connection Problem
  • Update issue
  • Configuration Issue
  • Software bug

How Do I Get My Keyboard to Work on My RCA Tablet?

How Do I Get My Keyboard to Work on My RCA Tablet

There are several effective ways to fix your RCA tablet’s faulty keyboard. Let us explain them to you in the easiest possible terms: 

1. Restart Your Tablet 

This is the very basic trick for every electronic device. Try to restart your RCA tablet when your RCA tablet keyboard is not working. Hope this will work if there is no hardware problem. 

2. Screen Turn Off and Turn On 

Restarting the RCA tablet sometimes doesn’t make the USB keyboard work. Then what should you need to do a simple trick? Turn the tablet screen off with the power button. Do not power off, turn the screen off. Then after a few seconds push the power button and turn the screen on. 

3. Check the Detachable Keyboard Connection 

If the first option doesn’t work, then detach the RCA tablet keyboard. Check the connection port that is not broken or damaged. If the port looks good, then attach the detachable keyboard and recheck the RCA tablet.

4. Turn On HDMI

Make sure the HDMI setting is turned on. Sometimes we had to shut it off to mirror cast to other devices. Switch it back and check the external keyboard. 

Simply follow the instructions below-

  • Go to Settings> Click on Display
  • Under Display > Click on HDMI setting
  • Under HDMI settings: Check HDMI box

5. Clean the USB Port

Check the connection points of the RCA tablet and external keyboard as well. Sometimes the issue may be a little piece of metal stuck between the tablet and the keyboard at the ports. That prevents the keyboard from having appropriate contact. Using a brush or rubbing alcohol to clean both sets of contacts can be a quick trick to fix the “keyboard not recognized” problem.

6. Check the Input Method 

Checking the input method may be beneficial for fixing the issue. Go to the language and input method option from the setting. Check the input option and select the attached keyboard as the input method. 

Important steps are-

  • Disconnect your RCA Keyboard
  • Open Settings > Language and Input 
  • Attach an external USB keyboard
  • Now attach your RCA Keyboard

It should work now.

7. Uninstall the Update 

New updates do not always work fine. Sometimes new update has some bugs that may make your keyboard not work. Uninstall the recent updates and check the keyboard. If this works, you must update your device when the bug is fixed. 

8. Factory Reset

Before applying this step, you should keep your important data safe. A factory reset can fix if there are any software bugs.

Steps to RCA tablet factory reset-

  • At first, completely shut off the tablet.
  • Press and hold the volume up and power buttons simultaneously for few seconds.
  • When you see the loading screen let go of both buttons right.
  • Use the volume up/ down button to go to the Wipe Data/ Factory Reset option.
  • Select the option.
  • Use the power button to confirm “factory reset”.
  • After the factory reset, you will be taken back to the original command prompt screen.
  • Use the power button to Reboot System.

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Quick Question and Answer For You

How does an external keyboard work uninterruptedly?

Avoid unstable and bumpy surfaces to keep your keyboard working well. Keep your external keyboard on a stable and flat table or surface. Clean the dust under the buttons and USB ports using a brush or rubbing alcohol. 

Where is the reset button on my tablet? 

There is no single button to reset your tablet. Press the volume up button and power button at a time and hold for a few seconds until the command prompt screen is seen. Then use the volume and power buttons to select options.

Why I can’t type?

Suddenly the keyboard you are using is stuck somehow, there will be a system failure. Restart your laptop and this simple trick may let you use the keyboard without interruption.

How I can change the input method? 

The input method controls the user’s typing system and you can choose your desired typing method from this option. To change the input method, open “Settings” from Apps then select the “Language and input” option. There you can change the keyboard options that are available to you.


Read carefully possible solutions and apply the steps as it is discussed above. If the fixes work for your tablet that will surely save you money. But you need to be careful when you try to apply the fixes. Be confident in cleaning the connections and factory resetting. Make sure that your RCA tablet has a backup before applying any crucial step. If this is indeed the case for you, applying the fixes above will definitely save you some money.

Hopefully, you can restart the RCA tablet keyboard so that you can continue to use it without interruption.

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