RCA Tablet Won’t Turn On: Probable Reasons And Solutions

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Imagine yourself working on an important document when your tablet screen suddenly dies. Isn’t that frustrating and irritating at the same time? RCA tablets are infamous for behaving like that after a few years of use.

But why your RCA tablet won’t turn on all of a sudden? What could be the possible cause? And most importantly, how can you get it back to life?

Did you come here looking for the answers to these questions? If yes, dig right into the article to find what you are looking for!

What Do I Do If My RCA Tablet Won’t Turn On?

Electronic devices like tablets have very short life spans. Yes, they can be long-lasting if you use them with care. However, you never know when they will abruptly stop working.

If your RCA Cambio suddenly dies, don’t panic. It is not necessarily broken. There might be a couple of factors stopping it from working. Check the following things first-

1. Faulty Charger

The most common reason for a tablet not turning on is running out of charge. Put your tablet on charge and check whether it is charging or not. If not, there’s maybe an issue with the charging cable.

Try changing both the charger head and cables with a compatible one. Now check again if it’s charging or not. If not, look for the next possible problem.

2. Uncleaned Ports

Sometimes, the charging port becomes dirty and damaged with dirt, dust, water, etc. Clean it properly before putting it on charge.

3. Software Update/Bug

If you are using an older software version, it may ask for an update. Unless you update it, your tablet can be in frozen mode.

Sometimes some software bugs may also cause a similar situation. In that case, a hard reset is probably needed.

4. Worn-out Battery

If the RCA tablet blue light is on after putting it on a charge, it Indicates the battery is okay and doesn’t need changing. However, if the light is not turned on, you may need to replace the worn-out battery.

5. Broken Screen

Have you recently dropped your RCA tablet on a hard surface?  If yes, then there is a chance that your tablet’s screen is broken. You need to contact the repair shop about that.

How Do I Turn On My RCA Tablet?

Why your RCA tablet won’t turn on? We have already mentioned the possible causes earlier. Now you should be able to detect which one is crashing your tablet. But what’s the solution? How can you restart or revive your RCA tablet?

Here is a few RCA tablet troubleshooting that will help you to fix your tablet.

1. Charge Up

Before trying anything else, put your tablet on charge for some time. It’s just to make sure there is some power inside your device.

Make sure your tablet has a charge, and press the power button for at least 10 seconds. If you are using a Windows tablet, ensure you are pushing the power button, not the window one.

If it doesn’t work after pressing for 10 seconds, press the power button for 30 seconds instead. In many cases, the display lights up when you do that.

2. Perform Power Cycle

First, make sure your tablet is turned off. Do not get confused with a frozen screen when powered off.

Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time for 10-30 seconds. If there’s no change, try the same thing with the power and volume down buttons instead.

3. Disconnect The Battery

For this trick, you need to open up your tablet. Remove the back cover of the tablet. Now find the cord that connects the battery to the device’s motherboard. Disconnect that and leave it for a minute.

After that, reconnect the battery and perform the power cycle.

4. Rebuild Screen Connection

If disconnecting the battery also doesn’t work, disconnect the cables that connect the screen to the motherboard. If you are confused and can’t detect which one is a screen connection, just disconnect all primary wires to be safe.

Leave them disconnected for a few minutes. Rebuild the connection again, then. Now press the power button or do the power cycle.

5. Connect With the Computer

Another common method for turning on a tablet is connecting it to the computer. Use a USB port to do that. Now you can do two things. First, you can try pressing the volume and power button to see if the tablet turns on or not.

If that doesn’t work, try to reboot your phone using the computer keyboard.

6. Reset The Tablet

Reset is the most effective but most risky method. Risky because you will lose all the previous data and apps when you reset the device.

In an RCA Cambio, the reset button is somewhere in the back. Find a tiny hole with Reset spelled above it. Use a pin to press it for half a minute. The tablet screen will glow up with a list of options. Now, use the volume down button to scroll down.

Scroll down to ‘Factory settings/ Delete all data’ and select it using the power button. Then a new confirmatory page will show up. Confirm using the power button again. And reset will start. Your device will return to the condition it was at the buying time.

7. Replace The Battery

If none of these methods worked, maybe the battery of your tablet needs replacement. Now, that’s a tricky job. If your tablet has a warranty, you better ask the company to change the battery. Or else, you can try to do that yourself. But be cautious when removing the old battery and rebuilding the connection with the new one.

Where Is The Reset Button On My RCA Tablet?

In most RCA tablet models, the reset button is situated at the back of the tablet. Turn the tablet around and look for a tiny hole. The reset button is set in the deep of this hole. You can also recognize it by looking at the ‘Reset’ written around it.

If you can’t pinpoint a hole in the back, open up the tablet. Remove the back cover carefully. And inside, you will find a tiny button or a dent marked with ‘ Reset. ‘That’s the reset button for your tablet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix an RCA tablet that is not charging?

If your tablet is not charging even after plugging in, there may be a problem with your charging cord. Use a different cable or charger head and try charging again.

2. How to hard reset an RCA tablet?

In RCA tablets, you will find a ‘Reset’ button at the back of the device. It is set pretty deep, and you will need a pin to press it down. Press it for 10-30 seconds, and your device will start resetting.

3. Can I charge an RCA tablet with a USB?

Yes, of course. Using compatible cords, you can connect your tablet to the computer’s USB port. Charger cables work best for this. Your tablet will start charging immediately once the connection is built.

4. How do I change my RCA tablet battery?

Open the back cover of the tablet first. Then, detach the battery cord from the motherboard. Remove two black hands holding the battery in place. After that, slowly remove the battery and replace it with a new one.

5. Will I lose all data after a factory reset?

Unfortunately, yes. Factory reset deletes all the previous data from the device. Your tablet becomes how it was when you bought it. Only the data saved in your Google account and the ones you had backed up earlier can be recovered.

Final Words

It is not uncommon for an electronic device to suddenly glitch, freeze, or blackout. However, every problem has its solution. So, if your RCA tablet won’t turn on, don’t panic. Try to find out the cause first. If you can do that, reviving will be much easier.

But it’s okay if you can’t. Follow the methods we described earlier in the article one by one. Hopefully, one of them will work for you. We hope you find the solution you were looking for. Have a good day with your RCA tablet!

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