Hi, I’m Nurul! I love touching the latest gadget, unboxing them, and even smelling them! If I had enough money, I probably would have bought all the gadgets in the world! Maybe I will… someday! For now, I’ll just settle with reviewing and talking about gadgets.😉

why did I start this blog?

First off, the name “ClickedTech” does not mean anything specifically. I was just looking for a domain that had the word “Technology” in it was as short as possible, and was available for me to purchase. This one met the criteria and I went with it.

As for what this site is about, by the time you are here reading this page, I am sure you’ve already discovered what I’ll be doing here on this blog. But at the time of writing this about page, I have in mind that I would like to help people find the best gadgets at the best possible price, without wasting any extra money.

I want to help you pick the best performance gadget at the best possible price.