RCA Tablet Won’t Connect to WiFi: Causes & Possible Solutions

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Is your RCA tablet won’t connect to WiFi? I am sure you are feeling frustrated. If you have never used such a tablet, you will probably think the seller gave you a low-quality gadget. Here I will share the major causes of the issue and their possible solutions.

If you are looking forward to having a combination of a laptop and a smartphone, I recommend you go for a tablet. This gorgeous device has smartphone features for entertainment and laptop features for work. An excellent example of the most popular tablets you will get in the market today is the RCA tablet. Despite the popularity, one of the major issues users experience with the RCA tablet is connecting to WiFi. Keep reading to learn the RCA tablet troubleshooting tips.

Why my RCA tablet won’t connect to WiFi?

There are several reasons your RCA tablet can fail to connect to Wi-Fi.  They include:

  • The Wi-Fi network is having issues.
  • Distance from your Wi-Fi router where you are using the tablet.
  • The Wi-Fi software or hardware of your tablet is not functioning.
  • Your router or modem is not transmitting the Wi-Fi network.

Sometimes, you realize that the Wi-Fi connected perfectly to your tablet but stopped later. Here, the issue might be in the hardware or due to distance issues. Otherwise, your tablet or the router might be the problem if you cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

How to fix when an RCA tablet that won’t connect to WiFi

How to fix when an RCA tablet that won’t connect to WiFi

You realize there are countless reasons your tablet will not connect to Wi-Fi. To fix the issue, it is worth starting with more straightforward solutions. Otherwise, you can try the complicated ones.

1. Try Forgetting The Password

One of the things you can do to fix the issue of your RCA tablet not connecting to your Wi-Fi is to act as though you do not remember the wireless network. To do this, open your tablet settings and the specific tab for the network.

While on the network tab, click the Wi-Fi connection, then tap on the place indicating forget the network. You will be required to put the network issues again at this place. Here, if your tablet is not the issue, it should be in a position to connect to Wi-Fi.

2. Router

If the first troubleshooting method does not work, what follows should be checking the router. When a router is not working correctly, it will negatively impact the transmission of wireless signals. When at this, the possible solution is rebooting the router.

To reboot the rooter, take out the plug for at least 20 seconds and then plug it in. When the router switches on, the issue concerning the Wi-Fi connection should have been resolved, and you will experience better signal transmission.

3. Change The Wireless Channel

Wireless channels’ major role is connecting your RCA tablet to Wi-Fi. They include 5GHz and 2.4 GHz. To do this, open the router settings and change the wireless channel. For example, if you use 5GHz, you can change it to 2.4GHz and vice versa. After changing the wireless connection, the next important thing you should do is reboot the router and try connecting your tablet to the Wi-Fi.

4. Check The Range

Checking the range is another troubleshooting method you can use whenever your RCA tablet doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi. For example, if you are located on the second floor, and the router is in the basement, you will encounter issues with connectivity.

If you do not want to think that the connectivity issue arises because of the router’s location, make sure it is near you. A lesser distance between a tablet and the Wi-Fi router guarantees a perfect internet connection. In general, internet connection begins getting slower if the distance between your gadget and the router is 50ft away. Reduce the distance to enjoy using Wi-Fi with your tablet.

5. Improve Your Internet Connection

When there is a slow internet connection, it is a must for you to experience Wi-Fi connectivity issues. In this situation, you can best call a professional internet service provider to boost the wireless settings. A poor signal connection can result from backend issues with the ISP. The internet connection will do great.

6. Factory reset

If you have done all the above and still the Wi-Fi connection on your RCA tablet is not functioning, it is not the right time to do a factory reset. Here, it means the gadget has incorrect configuration and settings. Doing this will delete all the data available on your tablet. Therefore, it is advisable to do this after creating a backup.

Factor reset deletes the wrong configuration that prevents connection to the internet. When the reset is done, you will be in a better position to connect your RCA tablet to the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to reset the RCA tablet?

Unlike it is with other tablets, you will realize RCA tablets feature a reset button at the back. Because the button is deep-set, you need a paper clip or pin to press it. To reset the tablet, long-press the reset button. By doing this, your device is going to restart.

2. Why is my tablet not picking up Wi-Fi?

First, make sure that the tablet Wi-Fi adaptor is enabled. Ensure it is not in airplane mode. Besides, the Wi-Fi should be on and ready to connect.

3. How do I print from my tablet to a wireless printer?

On the menu of the open document, select print and then all printers. At this point, you will get the option of adding a printer. It will scan your network setting and later list those printers present for you.


From the above, there are several reasons your RCA tablet won’t connect to WiFi. A few of them include the following:

  • Big distance between the router and the tablet.
  • Wi-Fi network issues.
  • Malfunctioning tablet’s Wi-Fi hardware and software.
  • The router or modem is not transmitting the Wi-Fi network.

Gladly, you can fix the issues in simple ways. Use the steps below:

  1. Forget the network.
  2. Check the router.
  3. Change the wireless channel.
  4. Check the distance between the tablet and the router.
  5. Check the internet connection.
  6. Factory reset.

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