Best Tablet For Doing Math – Top 5 Picks

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Math is a well-known subject worldwide. Technology has upgraded reality; now, you can do your math work and note-taking using a tablet. Using a tablet for math has made learning simple for teachers and students.

Tablets have taken considerably over the learning industry by storm. Choosing the best tablet for math will substantially depend on the tablet’s processor, storage capacity, and battery lifespan.

The processor seems to be the core feature of a  tablet. If the processor has a supersonic speed, all your programs on the tablet will run smoothly without any delays.

Different companies keep on updating their tablets as the technology continues to upgrade. Here are examples of tablets that work best for math.

They include; Micro Surface Pro 7, Lenovo Tab M10 plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Wacom Cintiq 22, etc. Also, we have the 2021 Apple iPad Pro, which is an iPad but still can do math perfectly.

The tablets allow the teachers to access multiple learning platforms, along with Whiteboard and Schoology. It is not difficult to find a compatible for doing math.

This article will major on the best tablet for math; not all tablets can do math and note-taking.

Various apps are used to solve math issues. For example, Mathway math solver is a popular math app used to solve complex math and algebra.

We shall review five brands of tablets/ iPad and check if they are suitable for doing math and math note-taking.

BrandsGPUDisplay TypeBattery life span
2021 Apple iPad Pro8-core graphicsLiquid Retina XDR mini LED8 hours 46 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7Adreno 650LTPS IPS LCD13 hours 16 minutes
Micro Surface Pro 7Adreno 685267 PPI10 hours
Lenovo Tab M 10 plusPower VR GE 8320IPS8 hours 55 minutes
Huawei Mediapad M5 LiteARM Mali -G51 MP4224 PPI8 hours 46 minutes

Here are the features and specifications of each of the brands listed.

1. 2021 Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is a new iPad, and few customers have made orders. The iPad was officially released on May  21st, 2021, so not many buyers have been able to use it, but Apple iPad Pro will have gained popularity with time.

Generation of Apple iPad Pro

2021 Apple iPad Pro is a 5th-generation iPad. The 5th generation means the Apple A9 chip powers the iPad.A9 chip can switch two processors to maximize the iPad’s performance and battery life.

Operating system

Apple iPad Pro does operate on an Apple iPad. The iPadOS was developed to run iPad gadgets. The iPad is impressive because it can run WiFi and SIM. You can use the iPad as a mobile device.

iPadOS enables the iPad to perform various tasks such as multitasking, connecting to an external keyboard, Taking notes, splitting screens, etc.

Storage capacity

Apple iPad Pro has storage of up to 1TB capacity. The space is more than enough for anyone who would like to run different software on the iPad.

The processor

The Apple iPad Pro has an M1 chip processor. This M1 has been known on the MacBook Air and mac book mini and the new iMac, the m1 processor.

The m1 processor has eight -a core CPUs and eight-core GPUs, making the Apple iPad 50% faster for CPU and 40% for GPU.

The 2021 Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet for math because it has excellent performance due to its powerful processor.

Screen display

The 2021 Apple iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch show and Liquid Retina XDR based on the mini-led technology.

This gives a great view from any angle you place the iPad to see. The brightness is enough, and you can adjust to your comfort.


The USBC-Port on the Apple iPad can connect to monitors with high resolution and external storage.

The 2021 Apple iPad Pro has a 5G. Still, it’s optional for users who want to upgrade their network to 5G, which is relatively faster, especially when browsing the internet.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The Galaxy Tab S7 was first released on August 5, 2020. It has been on sale for a year now. The S7 Gallaxy is a two-in-one gadget, meaning you can use it as a tablet and at the same time attach it to a keyboard and use it as a laptop.

Stylus Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 comes with a pen attached right at the back of the tablet. Having a free pen on a tablet is phenomenal because other tablets such as apple’s tablets do give you one; you have to buy it separately.

Samsung Galaxy Stylus pen has been upgraded to 9 ms for latency is added for high-speed work.

It’s magnetically attached to the Galaxy Tab, so safety is guaranteed no falling off from the tablet. The pen has some nifty features that make it versatile for doing many things on the tablet.

The best tablet for math note-taking is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7  due to the stylus pen’s smooth experience when writing notes on the tablet screen.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has a storage capacity of 128GB, and this is a good space for most people, but if you need to expand the memory space or add any physical file to this device, you need to add a micro SD card.

The Galaxy Tab S7 comes with a micro SD slot to insert any storage device into your Galaxy Tab S7.

Dex Mode

The dex mode enables you to turn the Galaxy Tab S7 into a laptop which works perfectly. You can connect it to a display and use it as a laptop, and it comes out great.

You can connect with any show or use any Samsung dex application or any application on the play store.


The Samsung Galaxy comes with a pre-installed note shelf; this is an app that you can install on your Tab S7. On the Note-shelf, you can annotate any pdf document; you can use the app for note-taking, audio recording, or planning.

3. Micro Surface Pro 7

Are you looking for a portable computer with excellent performance ability to take notes comfortably? Get yourself the new Micro Surface Pro 7. This is a new Pro 7 because it uses the 10th-generation version.


Micro Surface Pro 7 has a great keyboard that you can use to do the typing in laptop mode. The keyboard has a light feather-like weight in it.

The keyboard has a backlight to use the keyboard at night without any straining, and you can adjust the backlight to your preference.

The keyboard is attached magnetically to the laptop and safely locked together in place. It protects the screen and the inside of the keyboard.

Battery life 

Micro Surface Pro 7 has about 11 – 12  hours on a single charge if you are just doing little tasks on the tablet.

The Micro Surface Pro has an adapter for charging the tablet, which has watts 65, and the adapter is the size of a palm, so it’s very portable.

Screen touch

The screen touch is sensitive, and when it comes to using the Surface Pro 7 pen, it rejects the palm, so this is a perfect device for note-taking.


Micro Surface Pro 7 has a processor of 11th generation intel core. The processor is best known to be a powerful processor that you can multitask and open different tabs along.

I recommend Micro Surface Pro 7 as the best tablet for math teachers because they can efficiently multitask to teach math and other studies.

4. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Tab M10 Plus is a tablet with an Octa-Core processor of up to 2.3GHZ, meaning it’s high-speed performance.

Screen Display

Lenovo Tab has an IPS panel that enables users to view the screen on the sides.

The screen is also laminated to avoid anti-glare.

Storage capacity

Lenovo Tab M10 has a storage of 4 GB and 32 GB capacity. The 4GB  enables the tablets to have multiple tabs opened simultaneously, and run screen split simultaneously, thus encouraging multitasking.

Lenovo Tab can be great to use in solving math problems anywhere. You can install a math solver from the play store and do perfect math.

USB-C Port

The Tab M10 has a USB-C port used to charge the tablet or connect accessories like a hard drive or a mouse when using the laptop model.

It also has a micro slot for inserting an SD card for memory expansion of up to 256 GB.

Stylus pen

The great thing about Lenovo Tab M10 is that it comes with an active pen inside the packaged box. You can select, highlight, and set with the pen, but you can’t do so using your finger.

If you want this tablet for studying purposes, you should use the stylus pen. The screen rejects the palm so you can write comfortably.

5. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Huawei media pad is the only Android tablet that runs android 8 with this google operating system version.

Huawei Media Pen,

The Huawei Media comes with a writing pen that can be used for note-taking or drawing/sketching diagrams.

The pen is not rechargeable, so it uses an AAA battery which is replaced when it has exhausted its power.

Finger screen scanner

The fingerprint scanner supports gestures just like smartphones and tablets from Huawei. You can set the motion on the settings and disable and enable some commands that you want to use.


Huawei MediaPad has a processor of Huawei Kirin 659 Octa-core of 2.36GHZ. This means that the Medapad M5 lite is a high-speed performance. A  tablet with a high processor will never slow down any software or hardware process.

Storage capacity

Huawei Mediapad has a capacity of 64GB memory storage and a micro SD card for expandable storage.

Has quad speakers on the top of the android tablet and the bottom edge, still you have speakers.

Huawei MediaPad has very little bloatware that is usually pre-installed when purchasing it, but you can uninstall them if you find them unnecessary to create more space.

Battery life span

Huawei Mediapad M5 lasts for only 8 hours 46 minutes. Additionally, it has a  battery of 5100mAh.With 40W of output power, the charger tends to charge much faster than ordinary chargers.

Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a tablet specifically for doing math, there are a few key things to consider:

  1. Processor: Look for a tablet with a fast processor, such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon or an Apple A12 or A13 chip. This will ensure that the tablet can handle heavy workloads and run math-related apps smoothly.
  2. Display: It’s important to have a clear and large display when working on math problems, so consider a tablet with a high-resolution display. Some tablets even have a stylus, which can be helpful for handwriting equations and making calculations.
  3. Keyboard: If you prefer to type out your math problems, look for a tablet that has a detachable or built-in keyboard. This will make it easier to type out long equations and solve problems.
  4. Software: Make sure the tablet you choose has software that can handle math-related tasks. This might include a calculator app, a graphing app, or even a full-fledged math software program like Matlab or Maple.
  5. Battery life: Working on math problems can be time-consuming, so it’s important to have a tablet with a long battery life. Look for one that can last at least 8 hours on a single charge.

Some tablets that might be good options for doing math include the iPad Pro, the Microsoft Surface Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. It’s a good idea to do some research and compare features to find the best tablet for your needs.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the best tablet for doing math?

There are several tablets that are well-suited for doing math, including the iPad Pro, the Microsoft Surface Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. These tablets have fast processors, clear displays, and software that can handle math-related tasks.

Is a tablet good for doing math?

Yes, you can use a tablet to solve math problems. Most tablets have an S  Pen and a calculator.

Is an iPad good for mathematics?

Yes, you can quickly annotate your write/read, write down equations, and cut shapes as desired.

Do I need a keyboard for a tablet to do math?

It’s not necessarily a requirement, but a keyboard can help type out long equations and solve problems. Some tablets have detachable or built-in keyboards, while others can be used with a separate Bluetooth keyboard.

Can I use a stylus with a tablet for doing math?

Yes, some tablets have styluses that can be helpful for handwriting equations and making calculations. If you prefer to use a stylus, look for a tablet that has one included or is compatible with a third-party stylus.

What software do I need on a tablet for doing math?

Look for a tablet that has a calculator app, a graphing app, or a full-fledged math software program like Matlab or Maple. These types of software will allow you to perform a wide range of math-related tasks on your tablet.

Is battery life important when choosing a tablet for doing math?

Yes, it’s important to have a tablet with long battery life when doing math, as it can be a time-consuming task. Look for a tablet that can last at least 8 hours on a single charge to ensure that you won’t run out of power in the middle of a problem.


Tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Micro Surface Pro 7, and Lenovo Tab M10 plus are examples of gadgets you can use for math.

The 2021 Apple iPad Pro is a perfect iPad used for performing math solutions. An operating system is the determinant factor for the tablet and iPad to run the math software.

If the tablet has an Android version as the operating system, the tablet will automatically be perfect for doing math. You can use Apple Pro as; an iPad math notes gadget because it has a stylus pen you can use for taking math notes.

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