Best Android Tablet For Crypto | Top 5 Picks by An Expert

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CryptoCurrency is a safe digital currency and has no middle person. How can I trade using an Android Tablet? You need the best android tablet for crypto which you can use to install a platform on the play store for trading.

We have eToro, which is one of the best and most well-known applications globally and more secure to trade with as a beginner. It has high-security features to protect unauthorized users from accessing the platform with bad intentions.

 Some of the elements can include multi-signatures before accessing your account, standardization protocols, and many others.

Android Tablet For Crypto Comparison Chart:

BrandManufacturersLatest Price
Lenovo Yoga SmartLenovoCheck Price
Dragon Touch Notepad K10Tablet ExpressCheck Price
Lenovo Tab M8LenovoCheck Price
2020 Apple iPad AirFoxconnCheck Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6Samsung ElectronicsCheck Price

 We are going to look at various features of the above-listed Android tablets and iPad.

1. Lenovo Yoga Smart Android Tablet

Has a kicker stand

Lenovo yoga smart is a tablet with a unique design and an excellent curved round shape, which makes it stand out from the many Lenovo tablets that have previously been in the market.

Lenovo Yoga has a curved and acrylic finishing giving the tablet a premium appearance. You will find the kicker stand at the back of the tablet; you can use the tablet in three different ways.

Screen display

The yoga smart tablet has a 10.1-inch LCD screen with a full HD screen and clear resolution. The tablet’s brightness can be adjusted evenly; you can view it from different angles and also use the intelligent yoga tablet in direct sunlight.

Hardware and Performance

Lenovo Smart Yoga smart has a core snapdragon 439 processor. The processor is good when used in performing simple tasks like browsing the internet, making video calls, and simple gaming.

Lenovo Yoga smart has an Android operating system; Yoga Smart is one of the best android tablets for crypto.

Storage Capacity

Lenovo Yoga smart has a capacity of 4GB and 64GB for the user. It also comes with a memory card slot to expand the memory space quickly. The expansion slot supports a microSD card of up to 256GB. The area is more than enough for any user who needs to download.

2. Dragon Touch NotePad K10 Android Tablet


The Dragon Touch  Notepad has a processor of 4 cores 1.3 gigahertz. That’s a good processor for a tablet running perfectly.

Operating System

The Touch Notepad has an operating system of Android. This system is best for downloading play store apps. It is an Android Oreo 9 version.

As a user who wants to venture into crypto trading, you can purchase the Notepad tablet and install Metatrader 4, a platform used in online retail exchange trading.


Dragon Touch has a great camera and an inbuilt LED flash, a rare feature to find on most tablets even though the megapixel is just 2.


Dragon Touch Notepad has excellent connectivity for an internet connection. The Touch Notepad has 2.4GHZ and 5 GHz dual-band WiFi. The dual band enables you to connect to different pes of networks.

Battery Lifespan

Touch Notepad has a battery lifespan of 6000 mAh. On a single charge, the Dragon Touch Notepad can last up to 10 hours. This can be enough for a day.


The Dragon Notepad has an HDMI port that you can connect to an HD TV with latency. The port enables the viewing of pictures, and sharing files becomes easy.

The resolution,

The Notepad K10 has a resolution of 1280 x 800. The tablet has a turnaround degree view of 178 angles; this makes it a clear picture.

The screen delivers great brightness, and you can adjust the lighting to your desire; the lighting is perfect.

3. Lenovo Tab M8 Android Tablet

Operating system

Lenovo Tab has an Android 9.0 version which is excellent for downloading applications. The version is a revised one compared with the earlier Lenovo tab.

Build Quality

Lenovo weighs 305g. The reason is that the Tablet is made of a combination of glass and aluminum, thus making it slightly heavy.


Lenovo Tab has a CPU processor of quad-core 2.0GHZ  cortex A-53. This enables the tablet to process the hardware without any hiccups. The processor makes Lenovo the best tablet for cryptocurrency.


Lenovo has a battery capacity of 5000mAh. The battery is inbuilt, meaning you can’t detach it from the tablet.

Screen Display

Lenovo Tab M8 has a screen display of 8 inches which is a good view. If you want to crypto trade with Lenovo M8, it will give you a good presentation regarding the chart display on the crypto platform, and everything will be shown on your screen.

The tablet M8 has a resolution pixel of 800x 1280. You can set the brightness according to the area you are in.

Storage capacity

Lenovo Tab has a storage capacity of 32GB. With this kind of capacity, you can install various crypto platforms on the play store to help you start trading comfortably. Lenovo Tab has an expansion slot for inserting a micro SD card.

4. 2020 Apple iPad Air (4th Generation)

Has USB- C port

The port comes with outstanding benefits. You can plug-in devices such as a USB  hard drive directly into your iPad using your app files, edit videos from the external drive, and edit videos from the external drive store other storage accessories.

You can charge your Apple Watch using the Apple USB port, and charge your iPhone still using the same port located on the Apple iPad Air.

Apple Pencil

The pencil has a unique coated matte finish. The pencil is magnetically attached to the top of the Apple iPad Air, so you can’t lose it quickly.

Using an Apple iPad pencil when trading on a crypto platform can make your work easy, as the pencil can enable you to mark the essential points on the platform for future reference.

The Apple iPad Air has a powerful processor of A14 Bionic. The processor ensures the hardware runs smoothly without any disruption.


Apple iPad Air has a liquid retina display, thus boosting the screen’s color display. It has a screen inch of 10.9.

Has an intelligent connector.

The work of the smart connector on the Apple iPad Air is to enable the user to attach a keyboard case easily without any wires attached. The connector has three magnetic spots that connect the Apple iPad and the keyboard case.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Android Tablet

Has an S- pen

The S-pen is included in the package of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, which makes it the better option to choose from other tablets where you need to purchase the pen separately.

The S-pen has a button on it and is charged magnetically on the back of the Galaxy Tab. It fits very well when attached to the Tablet and can’t fall of place. The pen has a very soft tip that works perfectly well on the screen.

Galaxy Tab S6 hardware

Galaxy Tab S6 has a powered hardware of Exynos 7420 system on chip, thus making the processing of files and other downloads faster than other tablets. The Exynos also supports a high-resolution display of up to 3840x 2400.

Samsung has a dex

Dex is a mode where the galaxy Tab gets that experience of a PC on the big screen with similar apps found on the mobile device.

The dex mode can be beneficial to people who are prone to multitasking. This is a great tablet to perform various tasks on one screen.

 Samsung is the best tablet for trading views because the screen display is fantastic.

If you want to do crypto trading, get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and you can easily split your screen. The Samsung Galaxy is also one of the best android tablets for crypto.

Buyer’s Guide

According to how technology evolves, tablets have started taking over laptops. You find that most tablets do have the features available on the computer.

When it comes to portability, the tablet is lighter than a laptop and more flexible to operate compared to a computer.

You may want to purchase a tablet, but the primary purpose of the tablet will determine the tablet to go for. Some tablets may have different processors, and the higher the processor, the better because you won’t experience any delay.

The screen of the tablet matters. If you want to be multi-tasking, choose a tablet with a large screen display for clear viewing from any angle.

We have convertible tablets, whereas others don’t have a detachable keyboard. If your work involves typing now and then, a two-in-one tablet is a good choice.

Battery life span does vary mainly on tablets. But a fully charged tablet can take you for a whole day without charging in between. They stay from 8-10 hours, depending on the task involved during the day.

You require a tablet with a high processor and an Android operation system for crypto trading. This is because you need to install a trading platform on your tablet via the google play store, and it’s only found in Android version tablets.

When it comes to the prices of the tablets, this will primarily vary depending on the features of a particular tablet. The storage capacity also makes the prices to be different.

Suppose you can purchase a tablet that suits your work and purpose well and generously. It will make your work easier and without delays because the tablet you choose will support your storage files and downloads.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is a tablet suitable for crypto?

Yes, you can use a tablet for trading. Many tablets have the Android version and are the best due to installing the trading applications on the google play store.

Can I use an iPad for trading?

Yes, you can, but it depends on the crypto platform you want to install. For example, Coinbase is a platform to trade using the iOS version. So you can install coinbase on the iPad and work on it.


Before tablets were developed, people traded using computers and mobile phones, but things have evolved. Tablets were launched and modified to work exactly like a PC and a mobile device.

We have tablets that have the operating system for Android, and it’s used to download platforms for cryptocurrencies. When trading, you need a platform to view and follow how the trading results are happening.

There are different tablets, but if you want a tablet for crypto trading, you better choose a tablet with an Android operating system. You can comfortably trade anywhere anytime.

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