How to Use a Ring Light with iPhone? [Effective Method]

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A ring light is simple but very effective to use, like studio photography. You may know how much important to set up the lighting system for photography. A ring light is mainly designed for non-professional and beginner-level people to take professional photography.

How to use a ring light with iPhone? Well, if you want to use your iPhone with a ring light, you need to connect them properly and use the iPhone as a camera. You will discover all of the setup processes from this article to get the best experience.

From my experience, I am going to share with you a simple and effective method to use a ring light with iPhone. So, let’s get started with the article right now.

How to Use a Ring Light with iPhone?

Of course, you need to connect your ring light with your iPhone properly. It is very easy to connect. You will discover all of the processes from the installation manual. After that, you need to change the ring light colors as well as brightness so that you can take your own lighting system.

However, if you want to get detailed information about using a ring light with iPhone, you can check out the following sections, where you will get all of the detailed information.

What Is a Ring Light for iPhone?

Typically, a ring light is a group of LED lights that are arranged in a circle shape. This type of light is ready to provide the users with all of the lighting experiences as well as colors. You will get both corded and cordless functions from a ring light to use the light.

The majority of the users use ring lights for makeup, a laptop, a selfie with smartphones and iPhones, a camera, a video recorder, and a couple of elements. On the other hand, so many people also use ring lights for zoom meetings and communicate with other people.

How to Setup Ring Light with iPhone?

To set up a selfie ring light before and after, you need to pass a proper method. Where will you get the effective method to set up your ring light with your iPhone? Well, you can check out the following method step by step to hassle-free set up your ring light with your iPhone.

Step 1: Use Mains Power

First of all, you need to use a safe power source for your ring light. When you directly use your PC or electric power, your ring light may increase high brightness and damage some of the LED lights. So, the first time, you should use a power bank or phone charger to use the light safely.

Step 2: Place the iPhone in the Middle of the Ring Light

Ring lights always demand to use of the devices in the center position. It would help if you also used your iPhone or camera in the center position of the ring light. The majority of the ring light comes with a tripod holder, which means you can easily hold your phone, and you can also use the separate holder to use your iPhone securely.

Step 3: Use Your iPhone with Your Ring Light

Hey! It would help if you did not worry about using your iPhone with your ring light because you don’t need to do any special things. You need to connect the phone with light, and you can easily use the phone as the other devices. I hope that you can understand.

Step 4: Check Out Position & Reflections

Before going professionally using your ring light, you should check out whether the position perfectly has or not. You can move here and there and finally select the position. On the other hand, you should avoid reflection when you are taking photos or videos. To avoid the refection, you should make proper distance from the phone and lights.

Step 5: Set Up Color and Temperature

There are two colors temperatures you will discover from a ring light, such as warm and cool. You may know that high color light leads to harshness. You can use the color temperature based on the video level or photography mode. However, you can also change the brightness to get sharp photos.

Step 6: Change the Brightness to Suit your Needs

Though most of the ring lights come with adjustable brightness, you can also set up your own brightness to clearly take the photos. It is a good practice to make the perfect brightness so that you can take sharp photos and again use the same brightness level.

How to Use Selfie Ring Light on iPhone?

This is a basic and simple instruction for using a selfie ring light on iPhone. Different ring lights come with different instructions, but the majority of the ring lights are the same. So, let’s check out the following instruction to use the selfie ring light on iPhone.

Step 1: First of all, you need to set up the right light with the tripod. A tripod helps you to easily connected the light with the phone.

Step 2: Place the phone into the light in the middle section. Most the selfie cameras are used a center position of the light.

Step 3: Open your selfie cameras app to take the perfect view and understand that the camera comes in the perfect position.

Step 4: Now, it is time to turn on the light and set up the brightness properly. Note that you should also set up the color temperature to take a sharp selfie.

Step 5: Finally, you should take a trial that the iPhone and light maintain a perfect distance; otherwise, it may reflect the light.

Best Selfie Ring Light for iPhone

If you are frustrated to find out quality ring light for iPhone, you can check out these 4 selfie lights which are top-rated and leading on the market. You can choose these ring light for iPhone 11, 12, and 13.

  1. Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light for iPhone
  2. XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light
  3. Oternal Selfie Ring Light for iPhone
  4. LITTIL Selfie One – Rechargeable Ring Light

Final Words

How to use a ring light with iPhone? I hope that the above article clears your confusion and helps you a lot to use your ring light with your iPhone. It would help if you kept in mind that you are connected and maintain the perfect distance; otherwise, you feel insecure and reflect.

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